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Product returns

Any return of products is made only by telephone or e-mail to

1) In case of error of our company : We fully refund the money corresponding to the value of the order and shipping costs

2) In case there is no mistake on the part of our company. The customer reserves the right to withdraw and has a deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days where he can return the product. In case the 14th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, then the deadline is extended until the next working day. The product must be accompanied by the relevant transaction receipt (Retail Receipt or Invoice - Delivery Note).

.Returns are accepted only if the products that the customer wishes to return are in the exact same condition in which they were received, ie

without the factory packaging being violated, unused and in excellent condition. Defective items are excluded.

3) You must ensure that the returned item reaches us intact. Its safe packaging to avoid damage during transport is your responsibility. You can use a carrier of your choice, the cost of which is borne by you. Each return must be accompanied by a photocopy of the original purchase document - especially in case a Sales Invoice has been issued, the original document must be returned to us. Items at a discount or on offer are changed only with items of a corresponding category (at a discount or on offer).


The address to which the products will be returned is: BRINA BOUTIQUE, 76 Egnatias, Thessaloniki, 55535


Product Return Procedure


In our physical store You bring the product to our place and after a check to verify that the return conditions apply, the product is replaced with the same or another product of your choice or with a meter if the specifications are met The buyer can choose - the return of the product & its exchange with another product of equal or greater value. In this case, the shipping cost reaches 9 € as € 4.50 are charged for the shipment of the new parcel and another € 4.50 for the receipt of the old one and return to our headquarters.

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